Bloom Seed Library

Seed Stewards

Seed stewards are extremely important to our mission to provide quality seeds to our community. Our goal is to eventually have most seeds that enter the seed library be from locally grown plants. Seed stewards make this possible by growing seeds into healthy organic plants with the purpose of harvesting seeds for the library. These seed stewards do an important job because they are not only keeping our library in stock, but are doing so with great care in the production of seeds suitable for our local micro-climate. Our community needs seed stewards. Would you like to be one? Please sign up below!



Seed Steward Agreement

Thank you for your desire to be a seed steward for the Bloom Public Library! Please read the statement below. If you agree to the statement in its entirety, please sign up and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

You must agree to the rules below to become a seed steward.

By becoming a seed steward, I agree to grow the seeds/plants provided by the Bloom Seed Library for the purpose of harvesting the seeds for the seed library.

I agree to maintain the plants health during the growing season.

I agree to not use any chemical or non-organic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on or near the plant(s).

I agree to reach out to the Bloom Seed Library with any questions or concerns with the plan(s), seed harvesting, or if the plants are damaged or destroyed by unforeseen circumstances.

I agree not to sell produce/plants grown from the seeds or seeds provided by the seed library or from the grown plants.

I agree to follow all rules of the seed library found at the seed library or on its website.

Our Seed Stewards

The persons and organizations below are our current seed stewards. We are grateful for their help!

The Barton House and Gardens
The Farm at Catawissa Creek
Dave Maxwell
Heather Feldhaus