Bloom Seed Library

Our Donors

Our donors are the lifeblood of the library. Every seed donation matters, from five seeds donated by a local gardener, to a 40lb corporate seed donation box. Everything makes a difference! We want to thank our local, personal, and corporate seed donors. We couldn't do this without you! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Corporate Seed Donors

When buying seeds, produce, or other goods, please consider purchasing from the companies below. They help to keep us in stock so lets help them!

Agway Vegetables/ Seedway LLC
Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co
Encap, LLC
Fedco Seeds
Ferry Morse
Greenwood Farm
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Hudson Valley Seed Co
Livingston Seed
Mountain Valley Seed Co
Park Seed
Plantation Products LLC's brand: American Seed
Seed Kingdom
Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Seedville USA
Select Seeds & Plants
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Stokes Seeds Inc.
Sustainable seed
Sweet Yards
The Farm at Catawissa Creek
Todd's Seeds
Trade Winds Fruit
True Leaf Market

Individual Seed Donors

These donors are local gardeners and plant enthusiasts who have taken the time to harvest and donate their own seeds, or purchase and donate seeds from other organizations to donate to us. We appreciate you so very much! Thank you!

Ashlee Mirachi
Carlyn McKee
Catherine Wubbel
Dante LaRegina
David and Anne Darling
Gregg Wirth
Gretchen Senerchia Murphy
Heather Schon
John Burd
Julye Wemple
Noah Wasielewski
Pammy Mosteller