Bloom Seed Library

Membership Rules

The Bloom Seed Library is located inside the Bloomsburg Public Library as of May 10, 2021. While there are rules to be a seed library member, you also must follow any rules and protocols of the Bloomsburg Public Library while you are visiting the seed library. Please be respectful to our gracious hosts. 

Below are the rules that all members must adhere to in order to join and maintain membership in the Bloom Seed Library. If a potential member is not in full understanding of the rules before joining, that member must contact one of the club officers for clarification by emailing Members must adhere to all rules and policies of the club at all times. If a member breaks the rules, the member will lose membership and all privileges that come with it, and be banned from joining the club in the future.

1. Membership is free
2. Members of the club must obey all Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations surrounding seeds, club memberships, and growing plants.
3. Members must report any issues with seeds, plants, donation, abuse of membership, or any other negative actions surrounding the Bloom Seed Library to the club officers.
4. Members must be respectful to their landlords, neighbors, and community when growing plants checked out from the Bloom Seed Library group.
5. Members may check out in-stock seeds from the seed library at any time of the year.
6. Members are not required to donate seeds or other materials to the library. If a member grows successful plants from seeds checked out of the library, we encourage members to donate seeds harvested from that/those plants to the library to grow and keep inventory fresh for others.
7. If a member checks out seeds and no longer wishes to plant the seeds, the member may donate the seeds to the Bloom Seed Library.
8. Members may not use seeds or plants grown from seeds checked out from the Bloom Seed Library for commercial purposes.
9. Members may cancel membership at any time by requesting cancellation via an email to Please be sure to include your full name and the email address used when you signed up.
10. Members may sign up through or in person by filling out the Membership Form at a seed exchange

11. Persons must be 18 years of age or older to become a member.